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Sunrise Labs Welcomes Bryan Gilpin as President

Eric Soederberg, CEO of Sunrise Labs, is pleased to announce the appointment of Bryan Gilpin as the new President of Sunrise Labs. This strategic move underscores Sunrise Labs’ commitment to further enhance its leadership team and capabilities to better serve its clients in the field of medical device and life science instrumentation.

Bryan Gilpin, a seasoned leader in the medical device industry, brings fresh ideas, focus, and energy to the Sunrise team. Having held key positions in both large and smaller medical device companies, including Boston Scientific and Haemonetics, he is well qualified to lead Sunrise’s services. His most recent role as President of Intuvie, a prominent designer and manufacturer of drug infusion devices and integrated software, highlights his ability to drive significant improvements in delivery processes and customer satisfaction. Bryan holds masters’ degrees in electrical engineering and management from MIT, as well as a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign). 

Eric Soederberg reflects, “15 years ago, I joined Sunrise, and focused the company on medical devices and engineering excellence.  We vastly grew our positive impact on the world. Adding Bryan to the team is an investment to further scale our positive impact on the world.”

Soederberg and Gilpin share a commitment to maintain Sunrise’s high-integrity, high-respect culture and Sunrise’s unwavering dedication to serving clients and improving lives.

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