Eric Soederberg, Sunrise Labs President & CEO, joins Movers & Shakers Radio Show on iHeartRadio

Discovering What Makes Leaders Tick

Movers & Shakers

with Jack Heath and Dr. Deborah Osgood

Aired June 22nd, 2019 11:00 AM iHeart Radio

Joining Jack and Dr. Deborah on Movers & Shakers is the 2019 New Hampshire Tech Alliance Entrepreneur of the Year, Eric Soederberg President & CEO of Sunrise Labs, a leader in commercial medical device solutions. Eric’s career spans over 20 years in product development leadership at Draper Labs, Motorola, DEKA, and Sunrise Labs.  He holds multiple patents in medical device technologies and considers himself an engineer from birth! In 2008, Eric started transforming Sunrise Labs into a world-class product development services company. Under his leadership, Sunrise has grown from roughly 20 to over 80 people and continues to grow. Eric was also awarded the “Business Excellence Award” by NH Business Magazine; and Sunrise received a “Top Innovator Award” by the NH Union Leader, a “Leader in MedTech for Product Development” award by Medical Design & Outsourcing, and a “Top 10 Company to Watch” award by Business NH Magazine.

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