Cybersecurity in 2024 & Beyond

Sunrise Labs & MassMEDIC Webinar: “Cybersecurity in 2024 and Beyond” Recap

Sunrise Labs, in partnership with MassMEDIC, recently hosted a webinar titled “Cybersecurity in 2024 and Beyond; Benefits of a Systems Approach in Medical Device Development.” The informative session featured Sunrise Labs’ experts: Dave Hibbard (VP of Engineering), Christine Nason (Director of Software), and Nick Daniell (Senior Principal Software Engineer) alongside Shiv Sabesan, CTO of Cytrellis Biosystems, Inc.

Addressing Evolving Threats with a Systems View

The webinar addresses the critical need for a comprehensive systems approach to medical device cybersecurity, especially in light of the ever-changing regulatory landscape and new FDA guidance. The speakers emphasized the importance of a holistic cybersecurity strategy to safeguard patient safety, sensitive data, and the integrity of medical devices.

Key Takeaways

  • Integration with Risk Management: The session explored methods for integrating cybersecurity considerations into existing system risk management practices for medical devices.
  • Post-Market Monitoring: Attendees learned valuable methods for continuous monitoring to control cyber risk after a device’s launch, considering the evolving threat landscape.
  • Shifting the Paradigm: The core message of the webinar was to encourage a paradigm shift towards a systems-based perspective on cybersecurity. This approach recognizes the interconnectedness of components and enhances overall resilience against cyber threats, fostering a more secure environment for healthcare technologies.

Additional Resources, as discussed in the webinar


Headshot of David Hibbard, VP of Engineering at Sunrise Labs, Inc.
David Hibbard
VP of Engineering
Sunrise Labs
Christin Nason, Director of Software, Sunrise Labs
Christine Nason
Director of Software
Sunrise Labs
Nick Daniell, Sr. Principal Software Engineer, Sunrise Labs
Nick Daniell
Sr Principal Software Engineer
Sunrise Labs

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