AdvaMed Webinar: The Unique Challenges of Complex Safety-Critical Medical Device Development

This insightful webinar on medical device development hosted by AdvaMed features Sunrise Labs’ CEO, Eric Soederberg, along with Tracey Wielinski of Qualtra Consulting and Steve Gemmell, Engineering & Operations Leader – Medical Device Commercialization.

Titled “Innovation and Safety: The Unique Challenges of Complex Safety-Critical Medical Device Development,” this webinar provides key insights into navigating the complexities of developing safety-critical medical devices. The expert panel draws on their deep experience leading engineering, regulatory, and quality efforts for cutting-edge medical technologies.

If you are involved in the medical device industry, especially in engineering, quality, or regulatory functions, you won’t want to miss this webinar.

Headshot of Eric Soederberg, CEO of Sunrise Labs, Inc.
Eric Soederberg, CEO
Sunrise Labs, Inc.
Headshot of Tracey Wielinski, President & CEO, Qualtra Consulting, Inc
Tracey Wielinski
President & CEO
Qualtra Consulting, Inc
Headshot of Steve Gemmell, Engineering & Operations Leader
Steve Gemmell
Engineering & Operations Leader

AdvaMed’s member companies produce medical devices, diagnostic products, and health information systems that transform healthcare through earlier disease detection, less invasive procedures, and more effective treatments. Our members produce healthcare technology both in the United States and around the world.

Advamed Advanced Medical Technology Association

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