Sunrise Labs Syncardia Systems heart monitor

Total Artificial Heart Freedom Driver

for SynCardia Systems

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Systems Engineering & Risk Management
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Embedded Software Development
User Interface Development

The Impact

The Freedom Driver has supported more than 350 patients worldwide, accounting for more than 240 patient-years of support. Working with Sunrise brought better system performance against reliability and patient quality of life metrics for both hypertensive and hypotensive patients.

Highly Portable

Sunrise Labs partnered with SynCardia Systems to develop a more lightweight and robust next-generation driver for their temporary Total Artificial Heart (TAH-t).

Highly Reliable

SynCardia engaged Sunrise to develop a next-generation driver for their implantable Total Artificial Heart (TAH-t) used by end-stage heart failure patients waiting for a transplant. The next generation of the driver needed to be smarter, smaller, lighter, more reliable, and quieter with longer battery life and a more controllable pressure profile. This patient-worn backpack delivers a specific cyclic pressurized air profile through cannulae to drive the TAH-t and pump blood through a patient’s circulatory system.

The Concept

An improved pump driver with patient usability in mind.

The next-generation driver needed to be improved across all facets of the device. This included physical specifications for a quieter and lighter device as well as digital with touchscreen GUI and robust battery swapping mechanisms.

We architected a highly robust class-III system with a custom pneumatic pump directly driven by a DC motor with triply redundant power. Safety was a major priority and required multiple processors to control the system processes, monitoring, and alarming.

The team invented a low-friction piston seal that runs continuously for years with no oil and no maintenance.

Syncardia Systems' total artificial heart driver as an example of Sunrise Labs' medical device development expertise

The Product

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