Oxygen Humidification


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Received FDA Clearance
Patent Issued

Medical Device Excellence Award Winner

An Advancement in Humidification Therapy

Sunrise Labs partnered with PARI to oversee the complete product development of a humidification system, regulated as a Class II medical device. The result was the PARI Hydrate, an innovative solution enabling high performance.

Integrated Electromechanical Design

The Hydrate controller was designed to moisten air to control humidity in the patient airway, which then passes through a proximal heating element and sensor. The sensor detects the water vapor going into the gas stream, and the data is fed back to the controller to calibrate and manage the peristaltic pump used for delivery. The novel approach developed by Sunrise used nested PID loops to control water vaporization, solving prior issues with condensation and heat control while minimizing cost in the disposable. The design was patented by the client.

Sunrise supported the entire product development process through FDA submission and transfer of design to manufacturing.

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