Organ Transplant

For Transmedics

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Electrical Engineering
Embedded Software Development
Transfer to Manufacturing


Received CE Mark

FDA PMA Approval

Medical Design Excellence Award

A Groundbreaking Organ Transport System

Sunrise Labs integrated with TransMedics’ software and user interface teams to design and prototype an electronic monitoring and control system to keep an organ alive while it is transported from donor to recipient. Where the previous standard of care was freezing the donor organ in a cooler, the TransMedics OCS™ Heart keeps the heart warm and beating outside the body.

Life-sustaining Electronic and Software Systems

Sunrise contributed to multiple systems of the device, including the main processor board design which handled Bluetooth, SPI, and I2C data streams, interfacing with flow meters and pressure sensors for vital signs. An analog board was developed to monitor ECG, temperature, and humidity sensors, and a low-cost disposable organ interface Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

The intelligent power management system was designed with triple redundancy, hot swappable batteries, and battery sequencing to meet the high demands of the application.

Saving Lives in the Field

Sunrise met the challenge of creating the electronics and software to control a microfluidic disposable cassette and analyze optical sensor data to perform complex laboratory-quality assays in minutes with untrained operators.

We supported TransMedics in meeting the milestone of creating a device for initial clinical trials. The device is now CE Marked and FDA approved for use with heart, lung, and liver transplants. This is a massive advance in organ preservation that allows donor organs to be transplanted farther and with fewer complications for the patient.

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