MDG FORUM-Digital Health & COVID-19

Digital Health & COVID-19

How COVID is accelerating home-use devices

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Since COVID-19 and the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), medical device manufacturers whose products meet the EUA criteria or can reduce patient exposure through home-based monitoring have been pivoting or accelerating their programs to meet the demand. Designing a device to meet the needs of a diverse patient population or untrained caregiver is paramount to support adherence to the therapy and information to the clinician.

Sunrise Labs is proud to sponsor this interactive MDG webinar, featuring Alex Therrien, Director of User-Centered Design at Sunrise Labs, Shanthi Ramakrishnan, CEO, of eDevice, and Carlos Castro-Gonzalez, CEO, of Leuko; who share their experience and perspectives on developing a device for in-home use.

Key Takeaways:

  • Home use & connected health products have new opportunities to reduce patient exposure to Covid-19
  • Leverage empathy can reduce business risks for your product
  • Increase product adoption by “meeting patients where they are” to achieve better health outcomes

The Medical Development Group (MDG Boston) focuses on MedTech Innovation and Clinical Applications through three Wednesday Forums per month. At each Forum, attendees meet virtually through face-to-face networking and community building and gain insights from experts in the field.

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