BLE in Medical Device DDevelopment

Bluetooth LE in Medical Device Development

Presentated by Nicholas Lesniewski-Laas, Sr. Director of Sunrise Systems

MassMEDIC Webinar Recording

Bluetooth is widely used in consumer goods and increasingly in medical devices, driven in part by connected medical devices made for in-home use. A common misconception is that you can buy a Bluetooth wireless module, drop it into your design, and it will ‘just work’.

In this technically focused webinar, Sunrise Labs’ Director of Electrical Engineering, Nick Lesniewski-Laas addresses several of the most common risk areas, and what actions you can take to avoid the derailment of your program.

Key Topics:

  • Workflow Design: managing the intersection of usability and detailed design
  • Protocol Design: avoiding the extra work caused by undermining Bluetooth LE’s expressive feature set
  • Designing for Vulnerability: understanding the most common security gaps and how to fill them
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