Best Practices for Developing End-to-End Coud-Powered Medical Devices

Best Practices for Developing End-to-End Cloud-Powered Medical Devices

Sunrise Labs & BioT Medical on XTalks Webinars

This webinar focuses on the new era of MedTech: Cloud-powered Medical Devices. The expert speakers focus on the key considerations, and innovative strategies and provide insights on best practices for building sophisticated devices and systems that fully leverage the cloud.

The webinar is tailored for Senior Product Managers and R&D Developers who are looking to revolutionize patient care, enhance traditional product platforms, streamline device management, or ensure top-tier data security and compliance. The discussion is foundational to unlocking the potential of the cloud without the possible technical, operational, and regulatory complexities it could introduce.

Key Takeaways:

  • How cloud connectivity affects a medical device, balancing the benefits and challenges
  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals: Gain a solid foundation in cloud technology and its pivotal role in modern medical device architecture, including infrastructure, platforms, and services
  • Design Excellence and User Experience: Explore design and development best practices that not only enhance device functionality and user experience but also ensure seamless integration and scalability within the healthcare ecosystem
  • Regulatory Navigation: Hear how to successfully maneuver through the complex regulations governing medical devices and cloud data management, with a spotlight on compliance with critical standards like HIPAA, GDPR, and other international regulations
  • Enhanced Security Measures: Get effective best practices for risk assessment, data encryption, access controls, and the management of cybersecurity threats in cloud environments

Moderator: Speakers:

Adam Jacobs headshot
Adam Jacobs
Sunrise Labs
Daniel Adler, Co-Founder & CEO, BioT
Nick Daniell
Co-Founder & CEO
BioT Medical


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