User-Centered by Design

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How can you leverage a User-Centered Design mindset in your product development efforts? We are excited to share our expertise on how to remain User-Centered when approaching medical product design. Don’t miss the all-new podcast, ‘User Centered by Design’, hosted by Sunrise Labs! Our first episode will launch January 7th, 2021. In this podcast series, […]

Episode 5: User Centered by Design

Making Strategy Come to Life with Design In this episode of Let’s Make an App – Part 2, Alex Therrien, Director of User-Centered Design, Kelly Catale, Program Manager, and Nicole Kelley, UX/UI Designer at Sunrise Labs, discuss how to take your product strategy and scope and apply them to the design of your app. Hear talk […]

Episode 4: User Centered by Design

This is the first of a two-episode series focusing on what to think about when making an app. In this episode, Alex Therrien, Director of User Centered Design, and Nicole Kelley, UX/UI Designer, discuss how strategy and project scope can be used as the foundation of a logic structure in developing an app. We share […]

Episode 3: User Centered by Design

Successful ways to integrate agile development  In this next episode, we invite David Hibbard, Director of Programs at Sunrise Labs, to join us in a conversation about best practices for integrating User-Centered Design and Agile methodology when developing medical devices. We also discuss successful approaches and our tips and tricks for making them work.

Episode 2: User Centered by Design

In this next episode, Alex Therrien, Director of UserCentered Design, Kelly Catale, Program Manager, and Nicole Kelley, UX/UI Designer at Sunrise Labs, definse User-Centered Design, including the three major disciplines in a UCD team: UX / UI Design, Industrial Design, and Human Factors Engineering. We discuss how a combined structure like this can help organizations be […]

Episode 1: User Centered by Design

In this first episode, Alex Therrien, Direct of User-Centered Design, and Kelly Catale, Principle Human Factors Engineer at Sunrise Labs, discuss tips that will enable you to work effectively with your (User Centered Design) UCD consultants. Medical device companies believe that UCD consultants – Human Factors Engineering, UX/UI Design, Industrial Design – offer significant value for […]