The Keys to Successfully Outsourcing Product Development

No one is an expert at everything, which is why hiring a product development team to get your medical product off the ground can determine whether it will ultimately sink or swim. Product development team expert at Sunrise Labs, Laurin Noel, joins the Making Bright Ideas Work” Podcast Series to discuss what components lead to a successful group of product developers.

With over 27 years of experience in the medical product development business, Sunrise Labs has seen a thing or two. Noel cautions startups and established businesses alike on what to avoid when outsourcing product development. Her leading cautionary tale is to not drop the project on the team and walk away. Remember to dedicate time to your outsource partner, she said. Allocate extra resources and overestimate the time it may take to fully realize the product through multiple revisions.

“Think of the project holistically,” Noel said, “in order to use time and money efficiently.”

With years of experience and anecdotes, Noel educates listeners on common roadblocks in outsourcing product development, and how to avoid them. Above all, she explained the need to keep communicating with the team. Revisit the responsibilities of everyone involved, from system engineer to copywriter, as the product moves through development. Above all, assume the positive intent of all team members and approach problems with a willingness and openness to hearing different opinions.

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