Medtech Development Strategy

On today’s ‘Making Bright Ideas’ podcast powered by Sunrise Labs, we hear from Doug Browne, Director of Mechanical Engineering and Design Transfer, and Chuck Smith, Principal Mechanical Engineer.

The success of a medical device development project is dependent on running an efficient development program. In many cases, using local expert engineering talent can greatly improve the time to market and your competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

Leveraging local expert support can augment your team’s capabilities and provide a focused effort in problem-solving, prototyping, and testing. When outsourcing product development you don’t just benefit from that team’s internal resources, you can be connected with an international network of proven vendors. 

It’s critical to select a strong partner with deep experience in sourcing, cost estimating, and design transfer to the right manufacturer. Having a trusted expert with a full spectrum of capabilities and expertise will empower your team to execute a program at the right time and at the right price. 

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