Investing in Your Company’s Future

Eric Soederberg discusses ways to invest in your company’s future and create a culture of continuous improvement.

Building a company culture of continuous improvement and investing for the future sounds like an obvious recipe for success, but it is easier said than done. Eric Soederberg, CEO of Sunrise Labs, joined Tyler Kern on this episode of the Sunrise Podcast to talk about the importance of creating the right work environment for continuous improvement and the investments required to bring that culture to life.

“Continuous improvement is an investment,” Soederberg said. “When someone comes into your office and says they have a great idea, but they need to buy something or take a particular class to make it happen, it requires you to say yes.”

Soederberg’s philosophy is to foster an environment where employees are comfortable coming to managers for things they want or need. When Soederberg first came to Sunrise Labs, people were not asking for stuff, and they made do with existing equipment that was sometimes up to 20 years old.

It was important for Soederberg to change the culture into one where people felt they were trusted to make the right decisions to improve their performance and that of the company.

“People are happier when they are working toward a better life for themselves, better processes, and more efficient ways of doing things,” Soederberg said.

To make improvements in a company, sometimes taking a risk and going beyond the comfort zone is required. As Soederberg put it, “You can take a risk, and you might fail, or you could not take a risk, and you will fail.”

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