Headshot of Laurin Noel, VP of Business Development at Sunrise Labs, Inc.

Laurin Noel

Laurin is the prominent outward face of Sunrise Labs, typically the first  person our clients meet. Her warm, inviting nature engenders trust and her consistent follow-through builds confidence in Sunrise Labs’ commitment to client satisfaction. Laurin follows projects through delivery and beyond to make sure clients are getting the service they need and expect. Prior to […]

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Headshot of Adam Jacobs, CTO of Sunrise Labs Inc.

Adam Jacobs

Adam is a senior level technology leader with proven success in R&D, medical device development, and driving product innovation. Prior to joining Sunrise Labs, he was Executive Director of Engineering at KMC Systems and Vice President R&D for Datascope, MELA Sciences, and JADS Technologies. Adam has brought three startup companies to successful liquidity events. He […]

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Headshot of Eric Soederberg, CEO of Sunrise Labs, Inc.

Eric Soederberg

Eric Soederberg considers himself an engineer from birth and is passionate about solving difficult engineering problems. His career spans over 25 years in product development leadership at Draper Labs, Motorola, DEKA.  At DEKA, Eric led and brought to market the world’s first iBOT mobility system: a class III medical device and close cousin to Segway. […]

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