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SYNCARDIA – The Heart of the Matter

Syncardia technology gives heart transplant candidates what they need most: hope

Sunrise Labs is proud to share a recent article in BOSS Magazine featuring our client, Syncardia Systems LLC, the developer and manufacturer of a revolutionary Temporary Artificial Heart (TAH) that enables patients with end-stage heart failure to survive comfortably while waiting for a permanent heart transplant.

Read the story about Don Webber, former CEO of Syncardia System, and his vision to address the No. 1 leading cause of death, heart failure. Bringing his extensive experience in the Medtech industry, Don joined SynCardia first as the Chief Operating Officer and was then promoted to Chief Executive Officer to oversee turnaround and restructuring efforts.

Sunrise Labs was engaged to develop the next-generation driver for the implanted TAH-t. The Driver is worn as a backpack by the patient to deliver a specific cyclic pressurized air profile through cannulae to drive the TAH-t. The TAH-t then pumps blood through a patient’s circulatory system. The power supply and pump are integrated into the Driver unit, allowing patients to leave the hospital setting and maintain a mobile lifestyle.

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