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Sunrise Recognizes One of Its Longest-tenured Employees

Rich Thomas celebrates his 25-year anniversary

Sunrise Labs, a leading provider of product development solutions to medical device OEMs, recognized one of its longest-tenured employees, Rich Thomas, in celebrating his 25-year anniversary with the company. Rich is a Principal Engineer on the System Engineering team, specializing in project management, system engineering, and electronic hardware development, for complex electro-mechanical products. 

“During the past 25 years, Rich has seen a lot of growth and changes in technology and tools. He’s worked on well over 100 projects, ranging from complex digital systems to redundant power modules, to wearables, to low power single chip devices, to RFID readers, to high-speed spectrum analyzers”; says Founder and Chairman of the Board, Drew Sunstein. “Thank you, Rich, for all your great work, skilled analysis, optimistic outlook, steady ways, helping our clients be successful, and helping our company thrive and grow!”

About Rich Thomas, Program Manager, and Principal Engineer:

Rich possesses over 25 years of product development experience, including multiple products currently in use in the medical and industrial fields. At Sunrise Labs, he is responsible for project management and electronic hardware development, specializing in multi-disciplinary projects.

Before joining Sunrise Labs, Rich was the Engineering Manager for a startup surgical laser company that created a laser for microscopic Neuro and ENT surgery, a product development engineer at Johnson and Johnson working on pain therapy and surgical devices, and a research and development engineer at Harvard Medical School creating custom instruments for heart research studies.

Rich enjoys his work with Sunrise and the impact it has on his community and the world. “In this small company atmosphere, we contribute to many significant new products including industrial, laboratory, and especially medical devices that make a positive contribution to people’s lives.”

Rich holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical / Electrical Engineering from Brown University.

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