Cybersecurity in 2024 and Beyond; Benefits of a Systems Approach in Medical Device Development

Cybersecurity in 2024 and Beyond

Sunrise Labs Sponsored MassMEDIC Webinar

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity, the emergence of new FDA guidance underscores the critical need for a comprehensive systems approach to safeguarding patient safety and sensitive data and ensuring the integrity of medical devices. Join us as we explore the benefits of adopting a holistic cybersecurity strategy in response to the evolving threat and regulatory landscape in the healthcare sector. By delving into the key elements of the new FDA guidance, this panel will explore the interconnectedness of cybersecurity components and the necessity of addressing vulnerabilities within a broader systems context. 

Key takeaways include how to integrate cybersecurity into system risk management practices, and methods for continuous monitoring to help control risk post-market launch in the face of evolving threats. Our goal is to push for a paradigm shift towards taking a systems perspective in cybersecurity, recognizing its pivotal role in enhancing resilience against cyber threats and fostering a secure environment for healthcare technologies.

  • Understand how interconnected components contribute to a more robust and resilient cybersecurity strategy 
  • The importance of incorporating cybersecurity considerations into the initial design phases of medical devices
  • The role of interdisciplinary collaboration in achieving a comprehensive systems approach to cybersecurity


Headshot of David Hibbard, VP of Engineering at Sunrise Labs, Inc.
Dave Hibbard
VP of Engineering
Sunrise Labs
Christin Nason, Director of Software, Sunrise Labs
Christine Nason
Director of Software
Sunrise Labs
Nick Daniell, Sr. Principal Software Engineer, Sunrise Labs
Nick Daniell
Sr Principal Software Engineer
Sunrise Labs

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