Woman holding a baby thanks to Raydiant oximetry fetal monitoring device

New Technology Accurately Detects Fetal Distress

Our client, Raydiant Oximetry, Inc., has developed a novel technology to keep mothers and babies safe during childbirth through better fetal monitoring.

Addressing the need for better fetal monitors. Raydiant Oximetry is introducing a new vital sign: the proprietary Raydiant Index.

Raydiant Oximetry uses the principles of pulse oximetry to measure fetal oxygen levels. Raydiant’s solution will provide a more accurate indicator of fetal distress, reduce unnecessary C-section rates, and improve maternal and fetal outcomes.

About a third of babies are delivered by Cesarean section. There has been an increase in maternal deaths during labor due to complications with subsequent births after a C-section. Therefore, there is a clinical motivation to reduce the C-section rate. Current techniques are, however, inefficient at determining fetal distress leading to a high false positive rate for complications and ultimately a C-section.

On June 10, 2021, The Journal of BioPhotonics published the article ‘Effect of the presence of amniotic fluid for optical transabdominal fetal monitoring using Monte Carlo simulations’ which indicates that it is feasible to recover fetal signals through the abdomen of a pregnant mother in order to perform non-invasive transabdominal fetal pulse oximetry.

Sunrise Labs’ CTO, Adam Jacobs, provided relevant information as inputs into the MC simulations (optical properties, wavelength, etc).


Jacqueline Gunther, Postdoctoral Researcher, Tyndall National Institute
Baptiste Jayet, Tyndall National Institute
Adam Jacobs, CTO, Sunrise Labs, Inc
Ray Burke, Senior Technology Manager, Tyndall National Institute
Jana M. Kainerstorfer, Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
Stefan Andersson-Engels, Head of Biophotonics, Tyndall National Institute Deputy Head of Irish Photonics Integration Centre (IPIC)

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