2021 Retrospective

2021 Sunrise Labs Retrospective

Our Year in Review

In 2021 Sunrise Labs accelerated and lifted off the runway! Starting at a crawl in January due to Covid cutbacks, Sunrise reached takeoff speed with record bookings of new business. We ended the year at 130% of our goal and with significantly greater capabilities and depth. Unfortunately, the demand for our services grew faster than we could ramp up capacity, forcing us to turn down new business to keep our existing clients well-served. Ramping up capacity was a major focus in 2021 and continues in 2022.

Sunrise was named the 2021 #1 Best Company to Work For in New Hampshire which is more important than ever to the outstanding people we seek to attract and retain. In 2021 our staff increased from 89 to 106 with more people scheduled to start in January! In October we acquired the assets of Design Net Product Development in Smithfield RI to add more outstanding engineers to our team and provide a ‘South of Boston’ location to attract talented people on the other side of Boston.  #1 in NH is good but the journey continues…and Sunrise has plans to become an even better employer in 2022.

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The foundation for our growth has been built over years; set firmly on our high integrity, high respect, and high-performance culture. Our processes and systems are built to scale, and our leaders are equipped to grow and empower their teams to ever better serve our clients. Our investments in 2021 were focused on better serving our purpose: To apply our passion for great design to our client’s products to enable more full and disease-free lives.

Appropriately we measure our success by the impact we have on making lives better and making our clients successful. Last January we set out to Accelerate Our Impact and we exceeded our goals. We are super excited about the places we’ll go with our clients as we continue to build and grow in 2022 and beyond!

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