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Published by Welp Magazine

Many Thanks to Welp Magazine for recognizing the User-Centered by Design Podcast Series in their list of Top 20 Systems Engineering podcasts and also on their list of Top 20 Human Factors Engineering podcasts.

It was a very cool moment for the User-Centered Design team at Sunrise Labs because being on these lists acknowledges the way we think about creating medical devices for patients and end users.

It may seem strange to see a Design and Human Factors Engineering podcast like ours included in a list of Systems Engineering podcasts but for us, great design is based on systems thinking. Meeting patient and user needs requires thinking about the whole experience, which means considering how the product fits into their everyday workflow. This includes how it gets into the user’s hands, how they learn to use it, how it gets made, how they exit or graduate from using the product, and even how it is disposed of or recycled.

We work hard to make great experiences for patients and healthcare workers and help our clients reach their business goals. Systems thinking is a powerful mindset and the natural evolution of a User-Centered Design practice, especially in medical devices. This podcast has been a passion project to help others within the MedTech/Medical Device community benefit from our experience. Being included in these two lists was a nice bit of feedback to stay motivated. Thank you Welp Magazine for listening to our work and including us in your summary of great podcasts in these categories.

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