Inspiratory Muscle Trainer

For PrO2Health Incorporated

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Respiratory Health Patent Draft

ID/HF and Housing Design

Embedded PC Board

Embedded Firmware

Mobile App for iOS and Android


FDA Filing and Registration for Class II Pro2Fit Product

Online Data Portal to manage one or more patients

Revolutionizing Respiratory Care

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The Roadblocks to Success

A Breathtaking Success Story

The Pro2Fit product was successfully completed and transferred to manufacturing, with over 1500 units built to date. More than 1000 units are currently in use in 16 countries, supported by five completed studies and seven ongoing ones at prestigious institutions. The product has demonstrated significant improvement in just 7 weeks for patients with chronic conditions such as COPD, Congestive Heart Failure, Spinal Injury, Asthma, and Long-Covid.

Pro2Health’s success with Pro2Fit has enabled the company to secure investment for growth and establish its first distribution partnership, expanding its footprint in the respiratory health market.

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